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 . . . It is based on the life of the ancient Indian emperor Aśoka, . . . the first emperor of the Maurya Empire . The screenplay of the movie is based on the historical novel Aśoka .. It was premiered in India on 14 May 2001, and released on 31 May 2001. The film was a huge hit in India and overseas. It was followed by two sequels, Ashoka - The Last Emperor (2010) and Ashoka Returns (2014). A third sequel was released in 2019. . . . Aśoka received the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment and . . . . It was also nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the . . . . . . Plot A young prince of the Indian city of Pataliputra, Ashoka, begins his studies at the abodes of the Brahmin . . . . . They reside in a place called "Janasthali" (Vārānasī). His mother Mahamaya (Madhu Sapre) believes that the teachings of Buddha will change the mind of the young prince and turn him into a good person. Ashoka is torn between his two closest advisers, Kātyāyana (Kedar Pradhan) and Vasumitra (Shashikant Gokhale). Kātyāyana believes in Buddhist enlightenment, while Vasumitra believes in meditation. Ashoka is confused, but when they propose him to undertake a pilgrimage in the region of Kanchipuram, he is convinced that he should follow his mother's advice and hear the teachings of Buddha. He starts his journey and meets Pāṇini (Nitish Bharadwaj). Pāṇini lives a poor life in a monastery and becomes Ashoka's personal teacher. Pāṇini tells him that the teachings of Buddha will not change anyone's mind, because it is natural for humans to be violent and selfish. To prove his point, Pāṇini narrates his own life story: He was a king who once had everything, but his ego made him lose everything. His subjects became impatient and a coup d'état is soon to happen. He goes to see the king, but he pretends to be stupid




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