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Dry curls?

Number one thing everyone should know, is that curly hair is naturally dry! You'r not doing anything wrong to it. It's like our skin, if it's not properly hydrated it will look dryer than normal.

With all my years of experience with my own curly hair and other here are some tips that will help rejuvenate or simply all together make your curls look better.

- Deep condition your hair every 2 weeks.Any hydrating deep conditioning treatment is better than none but Ouidads melt down mask is amazing! You leave in in for 15 min and it heat activates on its own! So its easy to do at home or if its easier for you to come in the salon 20 min under the dryer with Ouidads protein deep treatment will revive your curls to the max!

- Co washing and only shampooing your hair once a week will keep some of your natural oils in and keep extra hydration.

- My favorite clear glosses! they give your hair that extra protective coat over the cuticle layer of your hair for about 3 weeks that adds total shine and luster to your curls.

- Lastly, always use a cream based leave in conditioner before styling your hair with gel or any styling product.

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